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Website Design and Development Dubai UAE

Since you are on this page, we feel you might be actively seeking a website design and development.

  • You might already have a website, but doesn’t look trendy or might want to add on features or pages on to it.
  • You might be a startup company without a web presence.
  • You recently launched a product / activity or might be planning an event and would require an exclusive website.

Yes, you have reached the right spot. We can guide you from here and help accomplish your objectives
Irrespective of the company size, having a website and emails on a company domain has turned out to be very crucial. In its absence, you could be losing a lion share of business. Therefore, having a website helps you to deliver uncluttered and precise messages. Getting these message passed to the intended audience is not an easy task. It is not necessary that a good looking flashy vanilla website might get you going. The message has to be clear and inviting.

How can Netpiper help you?

We will offer you a stepwise guidance-


To get the best out of your prospective website, we need to understand your business model. This is the primary portion of requirement gathering. Our team will approach you to procure details pertaining to your products or services, target audience and competitors. This process will help us understand how to position you on web. Services of your marketing team will be highly appreciated at this stage. Netpiper sales team in conjunction with the technical team will offer the project proposal.


This is a post agreement phase and will be initiated subject to receipt of advance payment. Based on the primary information, our web design and development team will formulate a positioning strategy. Conceptualization is the most crucial and foundation activity as the entire project will be designed and executed based on this concept. Our expertise counts here. By virtue of our decade long experience, Netpiper possesses the knowledge on how to design and develop your webpage. The concept will be in line with your brand guidelines and we will share this with you before proceeding further. Deliverables of conceptualization (the proof of concept) will be in the form of design templates and prototypes.


The programming part of the project will kick start here. Third phase will be initiated only subject to approvals from the client. This is to ensure customer satisfaction at every level. The coding standards will be set eyeing the project objective. Netpiper management, groups the right team who are well versed to execute the job. If the project is of a new model, the right talents are chosen internally and the team is formed. Client IT Team (if any) is expected to be available for coordination in case of any integration or deployment on client side. Quality checks are conducted at this stage.

Acceptance and Final Release

Prior to public release, website will be uploaded on a test environment for client to test. Conditional on clearance, the website or portal will be deployed on the live server. Client will have the option to opt for an AMC to ensure continuous support.

Ready to get going...please feel free to contact us for further information