Web Hosting Dubai UAE

Success of any message depends on the stability of the communication channels. You might have a high-tech, content rich and interactive website, but if it fails to load or takes too much time to display, the user might just get impatient and face off. Hence, it is important to have a stable server that can ensure performance with unmatched uptime. Netpiper owns state of the art servers ensuring this objective is achieved.

With Netpiper Managed Shared Hosting, you can simply sit back and relax.

  • Cut your IT overheads.
  • Top End Solutions and reporting tools.
  • Reliable software and security tools.
  • Customized hosting plans and localized SLA’s.
  • Gain control over your share of space with FTP and DB control panel access.

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Email Hosting Dubai UAE

Electronic Communication is the core activity of any business environment irrespective of the organizational size. The significance of email communication is however of greater importance for a corporate business house with large number of clients and employees. Business updates, memos and any form of documents, whether be it informal or highly classified can be transmitted via emails.

Netpiper Email Hosting Solution features the following:

  • Reliable and Secure Technical Platform.
  • Best Rated Web Mail tools and synchronization protocols.
  • Minimal Spam.
  • State of the art servers.
  • Flexible Email Accounts – pro-rata upgrades
  • Local Telephonic Support
  • Extended Email Support

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