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The relevance of emails in business and for personal use stands unquestioned. Formalizing any forecast or statistical reports on the number of email users is not an easy job considering the exponential number of accounts being registered daily via various email service providers. Also, it is widely acknowledged that advanced internet users have multiple email addresses and a fair share of this clan is pretty efficient in managing these emails separately.

Are you in the game?

Email marketing is a precious tool in an organization’s marketing armory. Emails being easy and functional communication tool should be handled with extreme caution. If emails are not treated with responsibility and respect for the recipient, it may have a damaging effect on you or your organization.

How good is your email marketing tool?

Your marketing team may be sending regular emails to the clients but the response rate is very weak. Have you explored the reasons? The most common reason could be the emails landing in the spam/ junk folders or could be the non-targeted recipient classification.

Check out our solution...

Netpiper Email Campaigner empowers you to send mass emails, minimizing the chances of emails being identified as spam by ISPs and spam monitoring engines. Our solution is user-friendly, flexible and cost effective when it comes to delivery of bulk or mass emails. Netpiper Email Campaigner runs with any standard OS and does not require a dedicated hardware.

Major Modules of Netpiper Email Campaigner include:
  • Create Campaign Groups
  • Recipient Management: upload .csv files or excel sheets to grouped recipients
  • Campaign Design: create campaign using rich text editor.
  • Manage Mail Campaigns: preview campaign shoot by category
  • Manage sender: set the email address from which the email has to be sent.
  • Dashboard & Reports: User views itemized and overall summary of the campaigns sent.

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